Welcome to ThinkPagan Radio


Let me try and explain the philosophy behind ThinkPagan Radio.

It’s been my personal belief that one of the tenets of being Pagan is that of standing apart from the crowd , in not accepting conventional wisdom without critical assessment. You don’t have to be a Pagan in the spiritual or religious sense but in the way you view the world. If you dare to be different , to think different , to dress different. Applying this philosophy to music is the aim of this project. We will try to play music that is different , less mainstream , punk and goth , folkie and techno looper are all welcome here.

There will be some programming directly aimed at the Pagan Community , I make no apologies for this , I hope that as someone with an open mind you may choose to listen and make your own judgements.

Having said that , it’s time to listen.

Click on the > on the box image below to start listening , alternatively select one of the three boxes to the top right , they are the following.. share the station on your twitter or facebook , launch the stand alone player ( recommended ) or finally to add the station to your Radiononomy favourites , although that will mean registering with them for a free account.